Increase your marketing ROI

We know you spend around 16 hours a week on repetitive, boring tasks. Think: sending emails, collecting data, and analysing different sources. Now think about what you could create if you could put aside Excel, Analytics, Insights, Search Console and your analytics platform and work on your next creative idea instead.

There are dozens of tools to help you track your marketing data. You can spend hours tweaking spreadsheets to create charts that actually say what you want them to, or you can save serious time and budget and use an integrated marketing dashboard instead.

So how much budget can YOU save? Fill in the calculator below and we’ll calculate how much capital an integrated marketing dashboard could save you each year.


Managing Your Marketing Data Diagnostic

1. How many marketing staff do you have?

2. How many marketing sources to do you track, on average?

3. What is your annual spend on payroll for the marketing team?

Potential Savings Per Year: 

Want to know how a marketing dashboard can save you money?

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